Welcome to K-5 Code.orgComputer Science Fundamentals
In a workshop you will:
  • Become familar with the Computer Science Fundamentals curriculum
  • Experience and teach unplugged lessons. (Teaching CS without the use of a computer)
  • Complete your choice of online plugged lessons from Course 1,2 or 3 of
  • Learn how to enroll your class/classes and track their progress
  • Discuss implementation, teaching strategies, equity issues and barriers of Computer Science
  • Consider next steps for getting started

What you will get from this workshop:
  • in-person instruction from an experienced computer science facilitator
  • an intro to computer science and pedagogy
  • an overview of the online curriculum and teacher dashboard
  • a printed curriculum guide containing course lesson plans
  • strategies for teaching “unplugged” classroom activities
  • classroom supplies for the unplugged activities
  • a certificate of completion
  • a bag of swag

Email today and let us set up a FREE workshop in your region or school district. Professional learning includes: one day training, materials and swag for each K-5 educator including classroom teachers, librarians, computer teachers, administrators, and after school organizers.

Start coding today! free training handout workshop agenda
Computer Science resources
Programming and Robotics


coding pic.jpg Facilitators
Marcia Torgrude
Kim Clark